Welcome Mat, please wipe your feet

Yesterday I posted this big, goopy post on this blog, and then after a couple of hours I got nervous about it and decided to remove it. I can summarize that post in this way: I’ve been a little nervous about new people that I know coming to look at this blog. For a long time hardly anyone read it and I didn’t have to be nervous about what I said here or worry about whether anyone would like it or not. I am trying to be okay with this new change, and hopefully it will be a good change, but it still makes me nervous, because I’m used to being very shy and reserved, and this blog kind of blows that cover.

So, welcome to my blog, visitors both old and new. I hope you find something of interest, and if not, that’s okay, too. I was mainly writing for myself in the first place, anyway.

Obserwuj? mnie *crank* co ?eby *robocop*

Earlier today, someone in Rzeszw, Poland googled the phrase “watch me crank that robocop,” and google directed this person to my blog. I’m not sure why, but everything about that just makes me really happy. Already established as one of America’s finest young poets, our boy soulja has now transcended all boundaries of language, time and space. He does indeed tell them, after all.