Ty Segall Band – live at FYF Fest 8/23/2014

Ty Segall – Manipulator Band – Full Set
1. Manipulator
2. It’s Over
3. The Connection Man
4. Tall Man Skinny Lady
5. Feel
6. The Faker
7. The Singer
8. The Clock
9. Green Belly
10. Mister Main
11. Susie Thumb
12. Don’t You Want to Know? (Sue)
13. The Crawler
14. The Feels
15. You’re the Doctor
16.Wave Goodbye
17. Girlfriend
18. Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart


Today my 3yrold son came to me with this disc in his hand, saying he wanted to listen to this music.  I think it is because it is purple, and purple is his favorite color this week. So we listened, and I remembered that there was a time that I loved U2, because they were weird and awesome and made progressive albums like this.  When they removed this and Pop from their resume and “re-applied for the job of best rock band in the world” they became boring to me, and I felt a little betrayed by them. Oh well. I found other artists who can give me weird, awesome music.

This guy at Stereogum wrote an excellent re-evaluation and analysis of this album last year, so now I don’t need to.