The Most Disappointing Words I Have Ever Heard My Son Say


Son: Could
you turn off the music, please? It’s kind of bothering me.

Me: Um,
okay. Sure.

Son: It
sounds kind of strange.

Me: Hmm.
Okay. [Music is turned off by this point.]

Son: I
just like fun music, not strange music.

strange music IS fun music!??]

is what was playing when he said this:

Background: I had this
playlist of Brazilian pop
 playing. I was cleaning the kitchen and making lunch, he was playing with LEGOS. He kept asking about the music. I thought he was interested in it. So then I shared some older Brazilian music, for
context. Getz/Gilberto. Turns out I was just bugging the heck out of him, talking about Brazil and music and playing all this stuff.

 So sad.

My consolation, I think he might like Floridada. He was asking about it, at least. (”What this song is about?”)



I bit right into the fortune cookie to break it, and a piece of the paper ripped away and landed on my tongue. I spit it out, pulled the rest of the paper out from the rest of the cookie, and recombined them. It said, “Your judgement is a little off right now.” I should’ve taken a picture of it and posted it here, but instead I finished eating the cookie, threw both pieces of the fortune in the plastic sack along with the empty styrofoam container, turned the ignition, and drove back to work.

Digital Detritus, Top Ramen, and the Singularity


Tonight, on a whim on a Saturday evening, I opened the Vine app on my phone. The app immediately commenced an upload process. As I nervously watched that bright green bar grow from left to right, I vaguely recalled that I had once had trouble and repeated errors uploading a Vine I had made. However, I could not remember what it was about. After the upload errors I must have gotten distracted and closed the app, and never opened it again until now. I was curious but a little preemptively embarrassed as to what this video might be that was about to be shared. The curiosity won and I let the app go through its process. Within seconds it had successfully posted my little video, which turned out to be the one you see above of some humble but deliberate dinner preparations. Probably from some prior Saturday evening whim. 

Of special note is the fact that it was only last night that I erased and restored my phone from a backup. This means that my tenacious little ramen noodle clip managed to maintain and preserve itself through multiple app errors and crashes, and then weeks, possibly months later, a phone data backup and a fresh installation of the Vine app. Waiting, hoping for that one sweet moment when, by choice or accident, my all-powerful finger would touch the cursive v in the green square to open the app and allow it to once again attempt its upload process, all so that my little courageous video could join its glorious, eternally looping family in the cloud.

I think I ostensibly made this Vine to make fun of all the video recipes that my friends share on Facebook. I actually really do love this meal, though. I think I make it at least once a week. 

I have some confidence that on that day, the robots will still want to take care of us. We’ve spent all this time showing them what we love, so they will love it too.