The Dichotomy of 6:00 A.M.

This morning Provo Canyon was absolutely stunning as I drove to work. Mists rose from the waterfalls and clung to the wet rock faces of the canyon walls. We are in that fleeting time of the year when the greenness of the Wasatch mountains can almost rival the Hawaiian mountains. It was 6:10 A.M. I wanted to take pictures, or otherwise just stay and gulp it all in, and I cursed that I had to gas it down the canyon and up I-15 to get to work on time.

It is not the first time. Almost every morning I am struck by the beauty of this canyon as I come out of my house and hear the birds chirping and feel the coolness of the morning. Then I jump in my car and drive to work. And yet, if I did not need to go to work, I would still be in bed and I would never see the morning mists or hear the birds coming from the forest. So, in a way, getting up early for work is really giving me something of life in the canyon that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Tomorrow, I don’t have to go to work. I’ll let you know whether I get up early and go enjoy my new canyon.