The Most Disappointing Words I Have Ever Heard My Son Say


Son: Could
you turn off the music, please? It’s kind of bothering me.

Me: Um,
okay. Sure.

Son: It
sounds kind of strange.

Me: Hmm.
Okay. [Music is turned off by this point.]

Son: I
just like fun music, not strange music.

strange music IS fun music!??]

is what was playing when he said this:

Background: I had this
playlist of Brazilian pop
 playing. I was cleaning the kitchen and making lunch, he was playing with LEGOS. He kept asking about the music. I thought he was interested in it. So then I shared some older Brazilian music, for
context. Getz/Gilberto. Turns out I was just bugging the heck out of him, talking about Brazil and music and playing all this stuff.

 So sad.

My consolation, I think he might like Floridada. He was asking about it, at least. (”What this song is about?”)



I bit right into the fortune cookie to break it, and a piece of the paper ripped away and landed on my tongue. I spit it out, pulled the rest of the paper out from the rest of the cookie, and recombined them. It said, “Your judgement is a little off right now.” I should’ve taken a picture of it and posted it here, but instead I finished eating the cookie, threw both pieces of the fortune in the plastic sack along with the empty styrofoam container, turned the ignition, and drove back to work.