Spring is a time for new cliches

I think the battle for Spring has finally been won, and the victory, although late in coming, is so decisive that we are moving straight into Summer. In the past month the snow levels have moved up and down the mountains as often as a line of scrimmage in a football game. A month ago the mountains were bare. Three weeks ago, I felt a great rush to buy myself some new shorts. Two weeks ago there was snow in my backyard, and I got my sweaters back out. A week ago the snow held at about the 7000ft line. Now it’s relegated to the crags in the tops of the mountains, where it should be. Winter just never seems to want to give up on Utah, it just likes us so much.

But now that Winter is officially over, I can officially start posting on my new blog. I’m always hoping that a new blog will catalyze change. I’m in the market for some change right now. I want to move, and I want to find a new job, for starters. And maybe a new blog will inspire me to make my changes.

At any rate, this isn’t much of a post, but I’ve had this template sitting here for a week while I waited for good weather, and now it is good weather and it is time to begin.

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