Please completely fill each bubble

Well, the past few days I’ve finally gotten back to work.

I spent a couple of days administering end-of-the-year science tests to eighth graders. Most of them were cool, but a few of students just couldn’t resist performing for the substitute, even though they were faced with a very serious test that determined a big piece of their grade. There was a boy in one class who folded one of his answer sheets into an airplane about five minutes into the test. I took it away from him, at which point he put his head down on his desk and pretended to sob (he was pretty good and actually teared up), making everyone laugh and distracting them from the test for a minute or two. I threatened to send him to the office if he didn’t quit, and after that the only thing he did was occasionally hit his pencil on his desktop in little rhythms, which is a little distracting to other test takers, but not as distracting as another dramatic display would have been, so I let it slide. I watched him at one point fill in about six questions worth of bubbles on his sheet without even looking in the test booklet. Oh well.

I started up a new account with,, &c. (all those robot co-op sites). I have this goal to pretty much listen to my entire music collection again, instead of the dozen or so albums I tend to get stuck on, and so I am keeping track of my progress on allconsuming, which is kind of fun. Of course, right now I am listening to some of those dozen or so albums on shuffle.

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