Emergency & I


When I am in a used record store, it always makes me sad when I see one of my favorite albums sitting there for sale. I assume it means someone at some point bought the album, and then later turned against it. Of course in reality it could be that it was fenced, or someone was short on cash, or a multitude of other possibilities. But still, I always go towards that melancholic thought that some other person just didn’t enjoy the album to the extent that I enjoy it. It’s not the fact that someone doesn’t share my tastes that bothers me, its the thought of the betrayal, the rejection. What is it that makes us turn away from our former selves? Is it really just a change of fashion, or something more? Why do we decide we have “moved beyond” something? Do we actually change our tastes, or are we just trying to revise our self-definition through a change in what we consume? To what extent do we really like what we like, and really not like what we don’t like? Are we being true to our feelings, our thoughts? Have you ever gotten rid of an album, and then ended up re-buying it a year or two later because you realized you missed it? Because I have.

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