9 thoughts on “2011 and 2012 Beehive Book Award Nominees and Winners”

  1. What a great surprise to get a “Google Alert” that my (and Ed Young’s) picture book, Tsunami!, is a Beehive nominee! Thank you, Josh! And, thank you, to the beautiful people and state of Utah! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I second that on the “google alert”! Of course you could be making it up. (Hope not!) :o)
    Go Utah Readers!!
    Wendy Mass
    “11 Birthdays”

  3. Hey, congratulations to all of you! I wasn’t even thinking about the fact that all the authors and illustrators didn’t know they had been nominated for this award yet.

    And no, I didn’t make this up, although it would have been funny if I had. They passed out these papers to several hundred people at the conference, so I assume it was fairly definitive and final. They just don’t put it online or contact the publishers or anyone very quickly, I guess.

    Just to give you an idea of how this award works if you are unfamiliar with it, although a committee comes up with these nominations, the ultimate winner in each category is determined by children/youth votes. School and public libraries buy copies of many or all of the nominees and then a voting ballot bookmark is included when a child checks out one of these books and they can choose “I liked it,” “It was O.K.,” or “I didn’t like it,” when they turn the book back in. Bookstores may get involved too, but I’m not sure on that. In the case of books for younger children, the librarians will often read the book aloud to a class and then ask by raise of hand who liked it and who didn’t like it and why. Then they tally up the votes to submit. So it’s the students/kids who decide the final winners (unless some of the librarians submitting the votes are rigging the numbers – hope not ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  4. Yes on the “google alert.” Thanks, Josh, for info on how it works. I’m thrilled lots of Utah kids will get to read/hear Fuzzy-Fast Blur. And how fun to see another Minnesotan on the list (waves to Kurtis) and tons of wonderful poets! Thank you!

  5. Hey josh,

    I sutmbled upon your site tonight while desperately looking for the YA 2010 winner. It is not posted on the CLAU site either. I know the teacher that was presenting the award Friday night. I will find out tomorrow who the winner are for this year. If you would like to know, e-mail me. Our high school has voted this year and we are all pulling for The Hunger Games with Unwind coming in a close second. I started my posters for the 2011 books this weekend. I’m sorry that you had to struggle so much to find out the nominees. I will pass that along to my friend on the board.

  6. Thanks so much for posting this list. I found your site because I googled “beehive nominees for 2011”. I am a “media assistant” (aka school librarian) in Canyons district. I like to read all of the nominees and getting the list as early as possible is a big help, especially for summer reading! I don’t think anyone at CLAU will be upset that you scooped them–they are all librarians who are busy with full time jobs and I think they update it in their spare time.

    Congrats to all of the nominees!

  7. I am a retired librarian from the Salt Lake District and have been searching for the 2012 Beehive list. So glad I found your site. Thanks for posting it. Now I lots of reading to do over the summer.

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