FHE Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Survivor

This isn’t usually blog-worthy material (unlike such enlightening topics as soulja boy tell ’em), but I figured I needed to give a status update after what happened last week. So, like a dog to his vomit, I tried that FHE again this week. I really only went to lend a friend some moral support, but he didn’t even show up. Nevertheless, I managed to stay the whole time and converse and eat and dare I say even sort of enjoy myself. It is only through the grace of God. Thank you, Jesus. No, seriously. It’s like an appropriate spot was appointed for me and I was just ushered right into it. That’s the only way these things ever turn out good for me. Some people turn to God in illness, grief, danger, impoverishment. I have to most turn to God to get me through social functions. And God is merciful.

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