One-stop Shopping: A Manifesto

These are my demands:

  1. I want to have just one place where I can check everything, or almost everything.
  2. I also want to have that one place be a place where I can share back to everywhere, or nearly everywhere.
  3. I want the things that I share in that one place to be able to be as short or as long as I like.

I don’t feel that this is too much to ask. If my demands are not met, I am going to blow up the internet.

2 thoughts on “One-stop Shopping: A Manifesto”

  1. *By “everything,” I mean Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, e-mail, etc.
    **By “blow up the internet,” I mean that I may commit social media suicide or stop participating for an extended period of time.
    ***If such a magical service already exists that meets all or some of my demands, please share with me what it is.

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