At the dump


Here is a view of all our stuff after we threw it into the trough at the dump. At the time it was so liberating to just throw all this stuff away, but now I realize we were a little stupid about it. As I looked at this picture, I realized some of the stuff maybe we could have given to goodwill (although we had already taken two trucks full of stuff to goodwill before we went to the dump.) My dad had gone through most of this stuff, and I had forgotten that it existed. When I saw him throwing that ecto pack out there, for a second I was sad, and then I was thinking, I’m not going to play with that, and kids these days aren’t even going to know what it is, so of what use is it anywhere? I have since learned that these items sell for one hundred dollars or more on ebay. So if nothing else, I could have made one hundred dollars, or I could have kept them with all my other clutter as more irreplaceable items of memorabilia from my childhood. Maybe the dump is the best place for them anyway. Seriously, who spends $100 for an old “proton pack and ecto containment unit?”

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