Authorized Biography of Joshua Whiting

For weeks now, a lady in our ward has been bugging Gin to write a biography about me to be published in our ward’s newsletter (because I am a “new member”), and Gin’s been resisting (I haven’t been helping, either). This morning, Gin asked me to write my own biography to fulfill this purpose, and stared me down with those eyes of hers until I had no choice but to comply with her wishes. I ended up liking what I came up with and decided to share it here. My one paragraph bio:

Joshua Whiting was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, the only child of Robert and Tamara Whiting. He attended East High School in said city. He served in the Ohio Columbus Mission. He received a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Utah. He married the beautiful and mysterious Virginia Carlston, and now resides with her at Vivian Park. He is currently employed by the Instructional Technology department of Granite School District in Salt Lake County, for which department he provides a variety of services. Joshua also enjoys Mexican food, road trips, writing, hiking, photography, etc. He has amassed a collection of 69 cent thrift store t-shirts. He maintains a website devoted to Canadian indie/progressive rock collectives. He currently has no plans to run for political office.

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  1. Progressive rock, eh? The lifeguard at the pool we where we swim just gave me eight (yes, 8) mix CDs of prog rock, just ’cause I told him I like Rush and Yes. Working thru them right now. I’ll make copies and ship to you. pc

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