State of the Froz-T-Freez Address

Here follows a bunch of random comments I wanted to make concerning this fine establishment, all compiled and relegated into one (hopefully concise) post.

  • Updates to the sidebar! I have added links to blogs of family and friends that I read. Dear reader, if you are a family or friend and you have a blog that I don’t know about, please let me know about it! Thank you. I won’t list it if you don’t want me to, but I still want to read it. Other recent additions to the sidebar: a tag cloud for this blog, a link to my flickr photos, a “recently listened” widget and “album quilt” from my recent obsession, and a widget of books I have recently read courtesy of LibraryThing. Boy, are these exciting times here at the Freez, or what?
  • A note about the feed for this blog: From time to time, I revise posts after they have posted. I revise posts seconds, minutes, days, weeks, even months after they were first posted, in some cases. Sometimes I completely remove posts, and other times I post something that hasn’t shown up before at a date or time in the past. What I’ve discovered is that this has led to a great disparity between the feed for the blog and the blog proper. The bottom line is, you’re just not getting the completely renovated Froz-T-Freez experience if you are reading this through a feed. You are missing stuff. So stop on by once in a while. I have all these exciting new sidebar widgets, after all.
  • Catch-Up: I’m not very good at posting about current events (and by these I mean personal life events) in a timely manner. I have some pictures/things I still need to post concerning things that have long since passed. So, if you think it is weird that I am suddenly putting up posts about going to Boise in May, or pictures of people visiting Salt Lake in June, or springtime empty tree pictures when it is now July, this is the reason.

I think that is everything. If I’ve forgotten something, I guess I’ll just come back in and revise it. Have a good evening.

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