Cascade and Timpanogos

As I was driving home this evening I just couldn’t resist driving a little ways up the Squaw Peak Road (okay, it was only about one or two hundred yards to the first turn) para tomar estas fotos.  I payed the price, too: for one or two fateful minutes of frantic gear shifting, clutch release and re-engagement, gravel/mud spewing, restarting the car twice,  and the slight smell of burnt rubber, I thought I had got our little Vibe stuck just off the road.  But I and my car are here to tell the tale.  I think a contributing factor to this situation was fact that the back was weighed down with a bunch of recent Costco purchases.  It certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with my manual transmission driving skills.

But that’s not why I called.  Here are the photos:

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  1. Josh Great Pics.
    I am guessing you being stuck on squaw peak was the reason we misssed you on friday. I sat at the window like a lost puppy waiting for your arival but no Josh and Virginia. I am glad to know you are safe and sound maybe we can get together soon! Keep the posts coming!

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