Wow.  This has certainly been a week.  This week I started writing a novel, voted and had part in the somewhat collective feeling of hopeful euphoria at the election of our new President, acquired two fun new toys, failed at continuing to write the novel that I began, stood on the sidelines of a weirdness and meltdown in my once happy fun office workplace that I still don’t quite understand, and cooked a couple of genuine dinners right here in our little home.  This is a week that should be recorded, and yet all I have to show for it are several half-written blog entries and eight pages of nonsense that were supposed to be the start of a novel that was/is to be drafted entirely in the month of November.  So, for lack of any other, more-fully-realized expressions of my thoughts and feelings of this week, I begin with this post, which is now almost at its end.  Hopefully I will finish up those other fabled posts soon.

p.s. I’ve been trying to write about the San Rafael Swell for a month now, and I won’t let myself post pictures unless I’ve written about it first.  Sorry.  The apocryphal promises of posts continue.

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  1. Josh, get that Novel done! We are also glad at the recent election of of President Elect Barack Obama. I hope he will prove to be one of the best presidents in history. I hope all is well.

  2. Josh,

    Thanks for the writing encouragement and thanks for vocally not hating Obama. Sometimes it can be a little scary around these parts to admit your happiness in that matter, when many others are skeptical and disappointed about the election. It guess it can also sometimes be fun to rub it in their faces, though, but I try not to do that. A big reason why I am happy that Obama was elected so definitively is that I am hoping it shows that some of the divisiveness in the nation will begin to go away and everyone can work together instead of calling each other out on how “patriotic” we are and other such nonsense.

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