Wood Chuck Chuck

I am starting to branch out into the role of a woodsman. I’ve logged a fair amount time in such efforts in the past week. Last Saturday I helped some neighbor friends chainsaw logs and pile them into trailers. This afternoon I came home from work and made the first real use of my newly acquired axe:


This Saturday will be more of the same wood activity, but this time it will be the entire ward/canyon, and there will be several mechanical splitters and lots of people to lift and chop stuff. Having grown up in the city, this is all an entirely new kind of work for me, and I savor the novelty of it and the sore muscles it brings. I’ve not yet quite mastered my chosen tool, but I’m having fun. I think I’ve finally found an exercise activity that I actually enjoy (at least for the next week or so).


In related news, our seasonal patio pond has finally receded to the point that I no longer have an excuse to refrain from mowing the lawn, nor from other yard and garden tasks. I guess I have my work cut out for me.


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